On this page, you will find all the resources you will need for completing your knowledge test and road-test, including links and important phone numbers:

Access Nova Scotia booking line 902-424-5851

Dial 1, then 2, then 1 to reach the road-test booking section. Make sure you have your driver’s license (beginner’s or 5R) and your road-test receipt.

What is a master number?

It’s another name for your driver’s license # in Nova Scotia. You will notice it on top of your driver’s license (the plastic card), and it starts with the first 5 letters of your last name, your day/month/year of your birth, and 3 computer-assigned numbers.

What is a roadtest receipt?

Before calling to book a roadtest in Nova Scotia, you will want to purchase a roadtest receipt. This is a document that gives you the right to book and complete a roadtest. To purchase a roadtest, please visit the Access NS page here.

There are numerous other useful links that will be added and updated below:

Important links:

Nova Scotia Handbook to download (free pdf resource)

Do you knowledge test (class 7 – beginner’s license test) online

Purchase a road-test receipt: you need a road-test receipt to book your road-test

Book individual driving lessons

Book a road-test session

Sign up to the full new driver education course (theory, practice and road-test)

For more info on the process, refer to our complete super-guide to getting your license in Nova Scotia.