Hello and welcome! 🙂 If you're exploring different driving schools and have questions, you are in the right place! You will find the answers to your most frequently asked questions about the Brave Driving School services, programs and driving lessons below. If you still have more questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone.

Which Program is best for me?

Simply fill in this form, answer the questions prompted and we'll tell you!

Our Driving School Services:

Full 35+ Hour Program:629$+HST

6 Hour Defensive: 100$+HST

Private 1-on-1 driving lessons: 70$/hr taxes included

Road-test Session: 150$+tx

Driving + Road-test Package: 329$+tx

We accept credit cards, e-transfer, and cash.

35+ Hour Program: Deposit (250$) or full payment prior to the start of the program. The remainder of your balance is due in 2 weeks. 

6+ Hour Defensive Driving Program: Prior to the program start.

Private 1-on-1 lessons: prior to the lesson by e-transfer or cash upon meeting.

Road-test Package: No later than 3 days before the road-test date.

Road-test Package: Payment to sign up.

Unless an exceptional case happens, the prices are non-refundable.


The Full 35+ Hour Program (theory+driving):

  • 25+ Hour online theory classroom time, including lectures, quizzes and assignments done at your pace and in the comfort of your own home.
  • 10 hours of driving practice with a professional driving instructor.
  • Use of our commercially insured vehicle for your road-test allowed.
  • Province approved certification of completion to lower your insurance rate.

Yes, it does. You do not need to do both the full 35+ hour program and the 6+ hour defensive programs.

Yes, you can. You will be provided with a certificate upon completing the 35 hours program, which you will need to present to your examiner on your road-test day.

No, you do not. In fact, you will learn a lot that can help you pass your knowledge test while you complete the theory program.

You do not need to be 16 in order to start the program. You do however need to be 16+ with a valid beginner's/ learner's license in order to start your in- car driving lessons.

We recommend starting once you're at least 1/2 way through the online theory course. 

Log into your account, and then go to the "current students" tab. Conversely, you can go to the 'current students' tab and login directly from there.

You'll be able to see exactly what is available by logging into the driving portal.

During weekdays, we can have driving lessons between 12-8 pm. During weekends, we offer lessons from 9-5, depending on driving professionals' availability.

Within the HRM, we will generally meet you at your set home/work location.

If you're further outside of our driving zone, we will set up a meeting location for our driving lesson pickup/drop off that is most convenient.

Yes, you may get additional lessons at a discounted rate. You may also get 2 more hours for the road-test additionally at a discounted price.

Yes, indeed. It's been reported that some our students have been able to receive a discount in the upwards of 300$/month.

The 6+ Hour Defensive Driving (theory):

Yes, it is. You will be able to take the hard copy to Access NS or email the digital version if you're strapped for time.


It's done online, from the comfort of your own home. It can be done with laptop or computer, with an internet connection from anywhere you may be at in Nova Scotia.

It does not. In order to lower your insurance rate, you will want to look into our full 35+ hour program.

Yes, it does. 

Yes, indeed. You will first move to a 5R license and then to a full license.


That's not necessary. You may attend this program, and apply for demerit points reduction on your own.

You may reach out to our technical support team via the ticket centre between the hours of 9-5 pm weekdays.

If you're in a bind for time, and you have 1-2 days before your license will expire/suspended, we ask that you search elsewhere for a similar program.

While the course is 6+ hours in total, there are things you need to do that take some time i.e quizzes, assignment, viewing lectures, etc.

As we are a learning/education based company, we discourage those who are just looking for a last minute certification to join.

Simply visit our dedicated 6 hour defensive driving page, and follow the prompts to sign up. Once the payment is received, you will be granted access to start the program shortly after.

Private 1-on-1 driving lessons (practice):

Our private 1-on-1 lessons are 60$/hour taxes included. You can choose between 1.5 hour or 2 hours lessons.

No, not with the private lessons. You may look into our full 35+ hour or the 6+ hour certificated programs.

It depends entirely on your current driving abilities. After the first lesson, we'll be able to provide an evaluation/feedback as to how many lessons you might need to be road-test ready.

Driving lessons by themselves do not. You will however become a more skillful driver, and therefore entirely much more likely to avoid an accident in the first place. You also have the option to add on the theory program if you'd like to become certified at a later time.

Yes, we do. You may learn more about our bulk driving lessons by vising the bulk driving lessons page.

Road-Test Registration and Classes:

This session includes an hour of road-test practice, and the use of the vehicle for the road-test. This program includes a free pickup (within the HRM) as well.

If you're completely confident in your driving and passing the road-test, this is the session for you. If you're coming in from another country with experience, we recommend the road-test premium package.

It's 150 +HST within the HRM. That is Halifax, Lower Sackville and Dartmouth testing locations.

You will need to visit the road-test session page, and fill in the form with your details. We will then reach out to you.

Yes, we can. The prices may vary as it will take additional travel time. Please contact us for questions.

We do offer a road-test premium package which includes:

  • x2 driving sessions with a professional driving instructor
  • The road-test preparation session
  • The use of the vehicle for the road-test
  • Free pickup from home within the HRM

The premium package is 287+ tax. You can find more info about it in the previous question. You can register for it by clicking here.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

We know you have questions, so let us answer the most common questions we have gotten so far. Please stick around. and if you still have more questions about driving, please check out our blog; you may also reach out to us directly.

Who is Brave Driver Training?

we are a group of professional driving instructors with over 10 years of driving experience in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are a local and family operated driving school. we have had hundreds of successful students starting from a variety of different skills levels, and they have become confident, defensive drivers.

Please check out our testimonials for some of the positive feedback we’ve received so far. For more info about Brave Driving, please refer to our about section.

There are so many driving schools in this city, what sets your driving school apart?

Based on the feedback we’ve been getting from our students, we strive to provide quality, friendly and patient driving lessons to new and more experienced drivers. Because we are working with a time-tested method that we use to teach students with, you are very likely to learn all the skills of driving and to become a great driver in a short amount of time. You can see what material is covered in the car on this page. For more information on how to decide on the best-fit driving school for you, please check out our article here, to get an idea and to make the best decision for you.

Is it true that your theory courses are 100 percent online and self-paced?

yes, this is true. Once you’re signed up, you will receive access to our education portal, where you’ll be to login, enjoy videos and do the relevant quizzes at your pace, and in the comfort of your home.

For a preview of how the education portal and the course looks like, you may check it out here.

How does the booking work for the in-car driving sessions?

You simply go to the in-car instruction section, and book yourself in any of the available spots displayed. If you are a current student, you will be doing this from your driving portal, after you log-in. The current students section in the top tab gets you there.

How much are your fees for the driving sessions? how much does the full driver’s ed course cost?

For the answer to this question, please refer to our services page here.

It is our opinion that the quality and the concentration of the material and instruction provided, should be fairly valuated against the rest of what the market/other driving schools offer, and that’s what we are continually striving to achieve.

Are the vehicles we will be driving in commercially insured?

Yes, they are. Also all our vehicles come with an instructor dual brake pedal for your safety.

Do you offer a province approved, defensive driving course? what about the full course?

yes, indeed we do. All driver’s education courses must by law, meet the requirements of Access Road Safety. All our programs (including the online program) and content are GDL and province approved. Our programs are also certificated. Upon completion of 25 hours in driving classes online, and 10 hours private driving lessons, you will receive the Brave Driving School certificate. You will also receive a certificate for completing the 6 hour defensive driving course.

What is a Driver’s Education Certificate?

A certificate is a document you will receive from a driving school that provides a province-approved driver’s education program. You will receive a certificate, when you complete and fulfill the requirements of either the defensive driving program or the Full Pro+ 35 hour program.

Why do I need a Driver’s Education Certificate?

You will need this document to do your road-test, if you are planning to do your road-test in 9 months. That is, 9 months since you received your beginner’s license (when you do your written test). For more info on the process for getting a license in Nova Scotia, please refer to our complete guide. You will also need to provide the Full 35 hour Pro+ certificate to your insurance company, in order to get a discount on your insurance premium.

What is the difference between the full pro+ course and the defensive driving course?

The full pro+ offers theory, in-car practice with a professional instructor and a road test preparation session. This program is 35+ hours of education also offers a bundle discount. The defensive driving course offers a much shorter (6 hour) theory program, without any in-car practice hours. You are able to purchase additional driving sessions in either case, as may be needed for you.

Why would someone need to take the defensive driving course?

For many reasons, actually. The defensive driving course is a great refresher for someone who has experience driving. With time,
most of us lose touch with good habits and forget to follow the little things that make someone a defensive driver. In addition to this,
you will be able to remove the limitations of your new (5N) license, if you are a first time driver and you already have your license.

How do I know which driving theory course is the best fit for me?

If you’re a first time driver, we recommend you to take the Full 35 hour driver education program. This way, you will receive all the knowledge (theory) related
to driving, and you get adequate practice driving in a vehicle. You will also be able to save quite a bit
on a bundle discount for the private driving lesson included. If you’re looking for discount on your insurance, you will want to sign up for the Full 35 hour driver education program.

If you have a full driver’s license and you’ve been driving for sometime, you may take the defensive driver’s course to remove any limitations. You may also need to attend this course, if you were given a letter from Access NS to attend such a program.

What about if I just want to take driving lessons?

You can also do that by visiting the link here, and book yourself an appointment. Please remember to cancel/reschedule any appointments with more than a 24 hour notice to avoid any late cancelation charges.

How many lessons will I need to become a good at driving or pass the road test?

This is a common question, and the answer is as uncertain as pulling out a number out of a hat. What we mean is, we have to see/evaluate
your driving, before we’re able to provide any personal feedback or any recommended number of sessions.

I already have a road-test booked, how do I go about booking a session with Brave Driving?

  • We recommend that you plan ahead, and take a lesson (or as many as you might need to feel confident) before going for the road test.
  • We will provide you with much valuable feedback and you’re able to go on a mock-test/ practice test, to make sure you have a good chance of succeeding on your first try. If you fail to clear the road test, you will have to re-pay for the road-test (53 $ dollars) and wait out 7 days, and keep calling to secure another appointment.
  • Access NS is more often than not, booking 3 months in advance for new appointments, so we have to plan ahead!
  • Having said that, you are still able to just register for road-test with us, if you’d like to give it a try anyway and take your chances. For this purpose, please visit this page, and fill in and submit the form for road-test registration. We will let you know either way if we’re able to accommodate your request based upon our present schedule.

Could I use one of the cars at Access NS to do my road-test in?

Unfortunately Access NS does not offer any vehicle rentals for the purpose of the road-test, so we are required to show up with a vehicle in order to complete the road-test.

How long is the road-test session?

The road-test itself takes only 30 minutes, but the premium road-test session ends up taking, sometimes up to, 3 hours(including before and after)! We start the session by picking you up, training on the day of your test for an hour, do the road-test, and drive you back so you won’t have to take a taxi.

What if I still have questions?

We offer perhaps one of the most responsive, and proactive customer service teams that we have encountered. We know how difficult it is to have to call or email multiple time, and not receive any response. Our program is a back-to-back program of support and guidance, with the assurance that we are there with you every step of the way. Please reach out via email or phone, and we’d be more than happy to help you answer any other questions/concerns you may have.

Do You Have Any More Questions?