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6 hour Defensive Driving Course/Driver Improvement (Theory)

This defensive driving course is a 6 hour online theory program, designed for those who already have a driver’s license. It’s possible you used to have a driver’s license in Halifax, and you were given instruction to complete a defensive driving course or a driver improvement program. if you’ve received demerit points on your driving record, this drivers education course helps reduce or remove them from your driving abstract. Taking this course can take away the limitations associated to 5N driver’s license level. The required time line to get your full class 5 license however varies, depending on when you first got your license, in case you are a new driver. To learn more GDL from Access Nova Scotia, please click here.

Brave Driver Training offers this program as an online, self-paced, LMS based format 6 hour driver improvement program. It can be done on a laptop or a mobile, based on your availability and location. A student going through this course must be from Nova Scotia, this is important! You may be completing driving lessons in-vehicle with a driving instructor or just taking the 6 hour defensive driving course by itself. The Defensive Driving Course is an established, proven program designed to help you become a more effective defensive driver, even if you already know how to drive a car.

Drive Improvement Program Certificate: By completing the 6 hour online, asynchronous defensive driver program, you will officially be certified. Our driving school and our defensive driving program is province approved, and therefore you’re able to present our certificate at Access Nova Scotia. By doing so, your limitations associated to a 5N are removed and your demerit points reduced or completely removed altogether. We’re able to provide this certificate in printed or digital form, and remember you can complete this course in the privacy and comfort of your home.

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Graduated Driver Licensing System:

When a new driver first passes their road test in Nova Scotia, they receive a 5N license. After 2 years, if their record is clear of any violations, they move to a 5R (restricted) license. After 2 more years, given the same conditions of demonstrating good driving behavior, they can have their full 5 license (without any letters or limitations). However, you can only move to a full license, if you have either completed the 6 hour defensive driving course, or the 35 hour driver education program. Without driver education, you will always have a 5N license despite passing your road test and being able to drive.

What is Defensive Driving and why is it important:

Defensive driving is the practice of driving mindfully and consciously, in order to reduce dangers associated to driving. This may be your driving, or errors that other drivers can make. When you drive defensively and exercise defensive techniques, you reduce the likelihood of a collision. Driving collisions are costly on the pocket, but more importantly, they put us and others at risk. Driving defensively makes you and others feel safe, and you save on costs related to vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption, because you will be driving smoothly and steadily. In short, defensive drivers are the heroes who save the day despite other drivers making critical driving errors.

Awareness is everything:

Fast and slow driving are both extremes. A person who drives very cautiously, may be blocking or delaying traffic. The key to defensive driving is to exercise more awareness, so you can see potential hazards. When you notice the actions of other road users in time, you react to avoid a collision. In this 6 hour defensive driving course, we learn where to look and why. In addition, you will be given the driving tools necessary to manage better control of your vehicle. 

According to Shell business consumers, here are some safe driving tips to get you started:

  • Keep up-to-date with the law and rules of the road;
  • Do not drive if you are feeling tired or emotional, whether angry or upset;
  • Maintain a three second gap when following other vehicles;
  • Ensure other road users are aware of your intentions – signal early and clearly;
  • Eliminate distractions such as mobile phones, food and drink;
  • Minimize unnecessary lane changes;
  • Ensure you have plenty of time to make your journey; and
  • Adapt your driving to road and weather conditions.

Start with the 6 Hr Defensive Driving Course

The 35 hour full program vs. the 6 hour defensive program:

The full 35 hours driver education program includes 25 hours of online, self paced, LMS driving classroom time, and it also needs to include a minimum of 10 hours of driving time with a professional driving instructor. The 6 hour defensive driving program is 6 hours of classroom time only, and thus carries no in vehicle driving practice. The defensive driving course is more affordable, and it’s really for those who already have experience. Taking this course can help brush up your ideas around driving, and equip you with the knowledge and tools to make you a full fledged defensive driver.

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Consider supplementing your online education with in-vehicle driving lessons:

If you’d like to take individual driver training lessons with a professional driving instructor, you may click here to take driving lessons. You may take driving lessons to improve your practical driving skills or to have your current driving abilities evaluated. To have a full comprehensive driver education, we recommend the combination of the theory and the practical driving with a professional driving instructor.

Benefits of the course:

  • Nova Scotia approved, 6 hour classroom on defensive driving, completely done online.
  • Technical support is available from 9-5 on weekdays at our contact email: [email protected]
  • Learn or brush up on practical Defensive Driving techniques.
  • This course removes the letter “N” off your license off your Nova Scotia Driver’s license, and thus the associated limitations.
  • You can drive at night past 12 am, not that you should!!
  • Removes or reduces demerit points from your driving abstract.
  • Receive the Brave Driver Training Defensive Driving Course/ Driver improvement program certificate for completing the 6 hour online driving class.

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The Course Outline:

  • This driver training course contains 5 essential modules and it is 6 hours in online duration viewing material.
  • There are driving course quizzes and assignments that are done at home, when you’re ready to do them.
  • This driver education course includes a hefty 3 hour section on just Defensive Driving!
  • The student of the defensive driving course learns how to minimize risk, and enhance his overall awareness of various critical driving situations. The student driver will also learn how to deal with multiple driving hazards present at any one time.
  • This driver training course teaches one how to avoid all traffic collisions, despite other drivers’ errors on the road.
  • You will learn specific techniques to drive your vehicle in different road and weather conditions.
  • Drivers learn how to manage sudden vehicle emergency scenarios, including case studies associated with this.

I have a 5N license, and I’ve been driving for 10, 15 or more years:

This is a common question that we get from our approaching students. Many people need to take this course in order to eliminate the N from their license. What happens after completing this course however is that  “N”, on your license will be replaced by an  “R”. Only by completing a 6 hour defensive course or our 25 hour driver’s ed program can you ever enter the “R” stage. It is important to note that you will have a restricted license for 2 years after that. You’re able to drive at night, but remember no alcohol and you can’t supervise a new driver. Good news though, if you drive with 5R license for 2 years, you will eventually get a full license. You won’t have to complete any other courses, but there is one more thing. Your license status depends very much on your driving behavior on the road. Critical driving errors, such as a speeding ticket and accidents can further delay your progress through the GDL system. To learn more about the Graduated Driver Licensing system, please click on the link.


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