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Private Driving Lessons Halifax, Dartmouth or Sackville

For over 6+ years, Brave Driver Training has been providing 1-on-1 private driving lessons in Halifax, Dartmouth and Sackville. We are a Nova Scotia Approved driving school and provide our driver education based on the requirements of the province. Our private 1 on 1 driving lessons start with an evaluation of your current driving skills, and then we work on improving your them as needed. Brave driving lessons are efficient, because we value your time in-car and we want you to improve your driving confidence quickly.

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If we’ve answered your drivers ed questions, you can start booking your first driving lesson with a professional instructor now. Our private driving lessons can be booked through our online platform.

Our Driving Lessons Methodology:

Brave driver training has trademarked a time-tested and proven method for teaching driving that is both concise and effective. There is no need to reinvent the wheel! By having trained thousands of new drivers in Halifax, we know how to teach a new driver to drive!

Our main focus is on teaching you to a become safe, effective and independent as a driver. That means, we teach you driver training in all road/weather conditions, so you don’t need a driving instructor forever. Our in car lessons follow the requirements of Access Nova Scotia safety, for more info, click on the link.

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Are you a parent of a new driver?

As a parent of a new driver, you may not feel safe teaching your children to drive. We understand this concern and we can help you. If you take your loved one for driving practice, that is great for learning to drive. However because you don’t have a brake to stop the car in case, you will always inherently feel unsafe. What if my child hits another car while parking? What if he/she won’t listen to me when I tell them to stop? These are great questions, and for this reason we ask you let driving professionals handle this job for you. We have worked with many driving students who have become great drivers, and also practiced with their parents or friends. Our vehicles are equipped with dual brakes, and they are designed with your loved one’s driving safety mind.

“Learn driving once, but learn it well.”

Our moto is, learn driving once but do it well. The reason is, once the correct habits are formed through our driving classes , it’s easier to drive consistently good. When the driving lessons are high quality, you feel at ease, enjoy every driving lesson with your instructor, and learn to drive quickly .

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How many driving lessons will you or your loved one need?

That’s a great question, which is often asked by our student drivers in Halifax. Just as an auto mechanic might tell you, our driving instructors will need to see how you currently drive and then make suggestions. It takes time to learn driving correctly, to set the right habits, and to become an independent, safe driver. Nevertheless, Brave driver training makes your process of learning to drive easy, efficient and enjoyable. If you have other driving lesson or driver training related questions, please refer to our drivers ed FAQ page, by clicking here. 

Completely new driver/ novice driver:

if you’re a completely new driver, we recommend you to check out the full 35 hour driver education course. Did you know that you save money on driving lessons, if you joined the full 35 hour driver Education package? furthermore, with vehicle insurance being so expensive, you can save up to 300$ a month with our Brave Driving certificate. if you’d just like book a driving lesson with one of our driving instructors now, please click on the link.

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Private 1-on-1 Driving Lessons can benefit you, if you:

  • have some experience, and want to improve or finetune your driving.
  • are preparing to pass the road test in Halifax, Dartmouth or Sackville, or anywhere in Nova Scotia.
  • already have your driver’s license from UK, Germany, Japan, and want to feel safe driving on the roads of Halifax.
  • are new to the country or province of Nova Scotia, and need to familiarize with the rules of driving.
  • have been off the road, or need more experience driving, in order to feel confident with your driving skills, to feel safe.
  • are an international driver or international student looking to get your class 5 driver’s license in Nova Scotia.
  • need to re-test your driving skills, because your doctor or physician request you to do so.

To learn more about why taking driving lessons or drivers ed in general is so important, check out our article name: “Why should I take Driver’s Ed courses?.”

Driving lessons take place in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford or other HRM areas

You can start and end your driving lesson at any location, as long as we are within Halifax, Dartmouth or nearby, with advanced notice. If you happen to live outside of the main Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, HRM areas, your driving instructor will set a meeting location with you. Our driving instructors will need enough time to get to our other drivers ed students in a timely manner.

Schedule driving lessons with Driving instructor online

If you’re ready to book a private 1-on-1 driving lesson with a professional driving instructor, please click to book yourself a driving lesson, based on your availability.

Scheduling and time lines for your driving lessons

  • Our in-car driving lessons fit the schedule of your busy life or school.
  • We offer driving classes weekdays and on the weekends to make sure you don’t miss work.
  • Once you join Brave Driver Training, you can access your drivers ed portal for booking driving lessons right away.
  • You are able to book, reschedule and change your appointments online from  laptop or mobile, so no need to call!
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Brave Driving School vehicles:

  • For the in-car lessons, the vehicle is regularly maintained, safetied, clean and reliable, so you can focus on learning to drive.
  • Our driving instructor vehicles are clearly marked as “Driver Training” in reflectorized letters for better visibility at day or night.
  • Drivers on the road will be more careful and patient in case of any student driver errors on your part.
  • All our vehicles come equipped with dual braking system, allowing our driving instructors to keep you safe always.
  • The driving instructor car is commercially insured, so rest assured you will not be liable for any damages that might be caused. Being a defensive driving school, rest assured we don’t count on that happening anyway. 
  • Our driving instructors have an additional mirror to see behind, as the driver would see it.

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