You can book your driving lessons directly below:

Private 1 on 1 driving lessons can benefit you, if you:

  • have some experience, and want to improve or finetune your driving.
  • are preparing to pass the road test in Halifax, Dartmouth or Sackville, or anywhere in Nova Scotia.
  • already have your driver’s license from UK, Germany, Japan, and want to feel safe driving on the roads of Halifax.
  • are new to the country or province of Nova Scotia, and need to familiarize with the rules of driving.
  • have been off the road, or need more experience driving, in order to feel confident with your driving skills, to feel safe.
  • are an international driver or international student looking to get your class 5 driver’s license in Nova Scotia.
  • need to re-test your driving skills, because your doctor or physician request you to do so.