About Us

it's a brave choice to value the lives of you and your loved ones

Who Are We

We are a group of professional driving instructors who are bringing years of experience driving, educating and helping drivers become confident, safe effective drivers who can ultimately enjoy driving!

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Our Mission

We aim to heighten the standard of local driving, so we have more awareness and education around the importance of proper driving skills, and making our driving community a more safe one, to be a part of.

What We Do

We work individually and collectively with our current and future drivers, providing a variety of services, laying down a strong driving foundation by providing an in depth understanding, training and appreciation for why good driving is so important!

What sets Brave Driving School apart?

Our goal is to be the best driving school in Halifax for us and for you

Brave Driving School is a province approved, driver training educational institute in Halifax, Dartmouth and Sackville. Our driving instructors are very well trained, and hold years of teaching and driver training experience. Brave driving school does well at road tests and we have the driving student testimonials to prove it. Our aim is to help you pass your road test on the first try, whether in Halifax, Dartmouth or Sackville.

why is it important for us to be the best driving school in Halifax? we respect every driving school and driver training teacher, because they are doing the community a huge favor. All driving schools are working collectively, serving new drivers, so that we are all better and have less accidents. We are all sharing this city and community, and if there’s a driver making big mistakes on the road, we are all in peril. Our philosophy is not to out-do others, but rather to continue to grow ourselves and to provide a better service. Thus, as a driving school, we just try to be better today than we were yesterday.

Driver Training Methodology

To receive a Brave driver training, you must complete 10 hours of in-car driving lessons and 25 hours of classroom theory time. You can simply access all our driving classes at any time or place, and test your driver education knowledge. Brave driving school offers the full Nova-Scotia approved 35 hours driver education course, and you can learn more about here. The best part of driver training with us is that you can learn driving knowledge and practice simultaneously. The reason being, if you don’t have the driving knowledge, well how can you drive? And if you don’t have the proper driving training in car, most of the drivers ed materials are not understandable.

Driving lessons are flexible in time and adjust to your availability

Our driving school is flexible and aims to adapt to your busy schedule to offer you driving lessons. We offer afternoon and evening driving classes during the week. On the weekends, our driving instructors are hard at work starting 9 am throughout the day. Our certified instructors understand how important it is to feel safe while you learn to drive. Therefore, we would never place you in a driving environment or condition that we wouldn’t feel you can handle it. Every driving lesson with our driver training school starts slow, and based on your current driving skills and practice level.

Driver-Training classes and locations

Brave driving instructors cater their driving lessons to all the locations within the HRM, including Dartmouth. For students in training on the outskirts, we will arrange a suitable meeting location within Halifax

what makes Brave Driver training the best driving school in Halifax?

We pride ourselves on being the best driving school in Halifax, because we listen to your feedback and keep improving. As a local and family operated driving school near you, we are here to help you with all your drivers educational needs. For more info on all our driving school services, please click on the link.

Brave Driver Training Vehicles resizeimage

Toyota Corolla

  • Automatic Vehicle
  • Dual-brake equipped – Your instructor will have a brake
  • Commercially Insured for your protection
  • Smooth, comfortable, reliable and easy to drive
  • Regularly serviced, maintained 
  • Safety Inspected every 6 months

Are You Brave Enough To Start Driving Now?