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Brave Driver Training is a leading Nova Scotia-approved driving school in Halifax, Dartmouth, and Sackville.

We provide affordable, quality driving lessons, 35+ hours driver education and defensive driving  programs in Halifax, Bedford, and Dartmouth areas.


Get To Know The Best Driving School in Halifax

Let us introduce ourselves...

Brave Driver Training is a local, family operated driving school since 2016 in Halifax, Dartmouth, and Sackville. We have been providing affordable, quality drivers ed classes and programs since even before Brave Driving began teaching driver education programs.

Many of our driving instructors have taught drivers ed with other best driving schools, so we know what they offer driver training students. Having had the experience to learn from the mistakes of other driving schools, we have improved and perfected the art of teaching driver education in Halifax, and our student driver’s experiences and feedback show!

Why is it important to choose the best driving school in Halifax:

To choose the best driving school for you, we have an important article that you want to check out. By choosing the right driving school , you will enjoy drivers education, and  develop the right habits early, which is crucial. In addition, our student drivers develop the correct techniques and a positive feeling and attitude towards driving.

Brave Driving School Services

Brave Driver Training offers various car driving services and driver education courses. Our programs include driving lessons and classes, private driving lessons offered by driving instructors in Halifax and much more. You can learn more about our best driving school certificate programs to get your Nova Scotia driver’s license below. You may learn more about our driver training services and prices by visiting the dedicated driver training services page.

35+ Hr Driver Education Program

driving school offering the 35 hour program in halifax, dartmouth, sackville, bedford
  • 25 hours online driver’s education classes (interactive self paced course with laptop or mobile).
  • 6x in car training sessions with a professional Nova-Scotia approved driving instructor.
  • This driving program removes the “N” off your class 5N license in Nova Scotia.
  • Allows you to do road-test at Access Nova Scotia in 9 months (instead of 1 year).
  • Graduate Brave Driver Training certification can lower your car insurance rates in Halifax by up to 300$/month, as seen in our student discounts.
  • For a more detailed look at our 35 hour Drivers ed curriculum, click here

Click to learn more about the 3 step process for getting a driver’s license in Halifax, through our 35 hour driver    education program. Click to learn more about this driver’s education program, including pricing and how to sign up to start learning driving.

6 Hour Defensive Driving Course

brave driving school offering the 6 hour driver improvement course online anywhere in nova scotia
  • This is a 6 hour online defensive driving theory classroom, which can be done from anywhere in Nova Scotia.
  • Learn and improve driving skills knowledge and brush up on your practical Defensive Driving techniques.
  • This course removes the “N” off your class 5 driver’s license in Nova Scotia.
  • Removes or reduces demerit points from your driver abstract, which can help reduce your insurance premium.
  • Receive the Brave Driver Training “Defensive Driving” Course certificate, showing you’ve completed 6 hours of defensive driving theory. To learn more about the curriculum of our defensive driving course, please click here.
  • The 6 hour defensive driving course is included in the full 35 hour driver education program.
  • The 6 hour online defensive driving course does not include any driving lessons with a driving instructor.
  • To sign up and start learning from this online driver training course, please click here to learn more.

Private 1-on-1 Driving Lessons

The best driving school in halifax and dartmouth now offers private driving lessons
  • Affordable, quality driving lessons.
  • 1.5 hour driving lesson with a professional driving instructor weekdays or weekends, based on your schedule.
  • Includes complementary pick up and drop off anywhere in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, within the HRM.
  • Evaluation of your current driving skills, including the methodology to improve your current driving abilities.
  • Training drills and exercises custom tailored to improve your individual driving skills during the lesson.
  • All road environments: residential, secondary, windy roads, highway driving, downtown, and more are included.
  • All weather – road conditions including rain, snow, traffic, fog, smog.
  • Night driving lessons help you improve your understanding of driving visibility, roads, and other drivers.
  • A Variety of easy and flexible payment options for your driving classes. 
  • If you’re ready to drive with one of our professional driving instructors now, please click to book a driving session.

Road Test Preparation Session

Brave Driving School offers training for the road-test or driving exam in halifax, dartmouth or lower sackville
  • 2-3 hours of training with a Brave Driver Training professional driving instructor.
  • Complementary pickup and drop off is included for your road test at Access Nova Scotia.
  • Evaluation of your current driving skills – are you likely to pass if you were to try today?
  • Practice of road test routes and environments in Halifax, Sackville or Dartmouth, so you’re ready to demonstrate excellent driving.
  • Tips and tricks to increase your likelihood of passing around the testing area on the day of your road test.
  • Mock driver test runs before the actual test, including the brush up of your driving skills on road test day.
  • Use of our commercially insured vehicle for road-test at Access Nova Scotia.
  • To register for a road test with Brave Driver Training, click to learn more and get your class 5 driver’s license.

How does the 35 hour Driver Education program work:

Let's get you a full class 5 driver's license in Halifax, Sackville or Dartmouth in no time...

Brave Driver Training is a Nova Scotia approved driving school. Our full 35+ Hour Driver Education program includes 3 unique aspects to help you become an impressive driver fast:

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Learn Driving Theory Online at home on laptop or mobile:

  • Professional trade teacher educates novice or experienced student drivers on knowledge and practice of driving in all road/weather conditions.
  • Learn everything you need to know about safe driving in our self paced online driving classes.
  • You will be provided with detailed explanation, valuable driving videos, real driver experiences and examples – and of course, the answers to your driving-related questions.
  • There are quizzes and assignments which you can do from the comfort of your home, and receive immediate grading and evaluation.
  • Ask questions and receive answers from driving professional, to help you develop a comprehensive driver training education.
driving school offering the 35 hour program in halifax, dartmouth, sackville, bedford


Private 1-on-1 Driving Lessons in Halifax:

  • You will work together with a professional driving instructor from Brave Driver training to learn driving with a comprehensive method.
  • Through proven driving drills and exercises, we focus on improving your weak points during private 1-on-1 driving lessons together.
  • Having the benefit of learning defensive driving theory online and to drive in-vehicle at the same time:
  • You apply the knowledge that you’ve learned in the online driver training classes, to become an effective driver quickly.
  • Our training students get confidence behind the wheel immediately, while in traffic, different road and weather conditions and more!
Brave Driving School offers training for the road-test or driving exam in halifax, dartmouth or lower sackville


Road test preparation and Test Routes

  • Brave driver training instructors provide feedback and evaluate student drivers.
  • Get your driving evaluated to make sure the good habits are already in place, and you need no driving supervision.
  • Practice the skills to pass your road test in Halifax, Dartmouth or Sackville.
  • Prepare for the road-test with driving experts and  make an attempt at the road test to demonstrate your driving independence.
  • You will receive the Brave Driver Training certificate to do your road test in just 9 months, and help lower your insurance. if you’ve had your beginner’s license for 9 months, you can go for the road test right away.
  • With over 90% percent success rate in our driver training students, you’re getting your license once and for all!

Are You Brave Enough To Start Your Driver Education Journey Now?

Driver Training Student Reviews

My instructor, Azin, was very patient and helpful during our driving lessons. I felt very prepared and confident before my road test, and passed with ease thanks to Azin’s help during our in-car lessons.
My driver instructor James was very helpful in all ways when it came to in car experience, he was very patient with me and taught me a lot of very important traits while driving. If anyone is looking for a driver instructor for themselves or child I would absolutely suggest james
Keigan M.
Azin was my instructor and he's the best! Super funny and nice, and I passed my test with zero points!
You better hope you get Azin as your instructor cause he does everything right he’s got good communication, he makes it a comfortable environment in the car and is all around a great instructor.
I drove with Steve. He was very helpful, patient and easy to talk to. He gave me lots of advice and practice in different areas, and he was chill and easy to talk to. I’d definitely recommend driving with him.
I had James as my instructor. He was always on time for my lessons and was really nice. He helped me a lot with my driving and now I am confident on the roads. And prepared me well for my road test

About Brave Driving School

Our goal is to be the best driving school in Halifax for us and for you

Brave Driving School is a province approved, driver training educational institute in Halifax, Dartmouth and Sackville. Our driving instructors are very well trained, and hold years of teaching and driver training experience. Brave driving school does well at road tests and we have the driving student testimonials to prove it. Our aim is to help you pass your road test on the first try, whether in Halifax, Dartmouth or Sackville.

why is it important for us to be the best driving school in Halifax? we respect every driving school and driver training teacher, because they are doing the community a huge favor. All driving schools are working collectively, serving new drivers, so that we are all better and have less accidents. We are all sharing this city and community, and if there’s a driver making big mistakes on the road, we are all in peril. Our philosophy is not to out-do others, but rather to continue to grow ourselves and to provide a better service. Thus, as a driving school, we just try to be better today than we were yesterday.

Driver Training Methodology

To receive a Brave driver training, you must complete 10 hours of in-car driving lessons and 25 hours of classroom theory time. You can simply access all our driving classes at any time or place, and test your driver education knowledge. Brave driving school offers the full Nova-Scotia approved 35 hours driver education course, and you can learn more about here. The best part of driver training with us is that you can learn driving knowledge and practice simultaneously. The reason being, if you don’t have the driving knowledge, well how can you drive? And if you don’t have the proper driving training in car, most of the drivers ed materials are not understandable.

Driving lessons are flexible in time and adjust to your availability

Our driving school is flexible and aims to adapt to your busy schedule to offer you driving lessons. We offer afternoon and evening driving classes during the week. On the weekends, our driving instructors are hard at work starting 9 am throughout the day. Our certified instructors understand how important it is to feel safe while you learn to drive. Therefore, we would never place you in a driving environment or condition that we wouldn’t feel you can handle it. Every driving lesson with our driver training school starts slow, and based on your current driving skills and practice level.

Driver-Training classes and locations

Brave driving instructors cater their driving lessons to all the locations within the HRM, including Dartmouth. For students in training on the outskirts, we will arrange a suitable meeting location within Halifax

what makes Brave Driver training the best driving school in Halifax?

We pride ourselves on being the best driving school in Halifax, because we listen to your feedback and keep improving. As a local and family operated driving school near you, we are here to help you with all your drivers educational needs. For more info on all our driving school services, please click on the link.

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