Terms and Conditions:

The Sign Up:

Deposit and Payments: A deposit is required to ensure your seat in the program, and to subscribe to our programs. The remainder of the course fee must be paid within 2 weeks of the original payment. You will be provided with reminder for your payment. If the payment is not made in time, late fees will incur.

Both these payments may be made through a credit card or e-transfer, the second portion can be paid in cash. If the payment is made by credit cards, there may be a small credit merchant fee applied. You may avoid this payment by using the e-transfer or cash payment methods instead.

Payment Plans: we don’t currently offer any payment plans, but we will try our best to help you with the payment of the program. Please contact us if you a specific situation unaddressed in this document. You have 2 weeks between your initial deposit and your remaining balance, if it will be required by you.

Late Payments: There is a 25$/ week late fee applicable towards your balance, in the case that you used the partial payment method. This late fee is applicable upon the passing of the due date for the payment, and not the completion of 7 week days. The course progress may also be interrupted in this event, pending the payment of the course balance.

Certificate: In case your certificate is lost or damaged, and needs to be re-printed by us, there will be a 25$ payment requested.

Online programs are accessible as soon as your payment for the program is approved. If you purchase the program on the weekend, the activation may take place on the first business day i.e. the coming Monday. Once the payment is approved, the program is instantly accessible to you and can be viewed.

The viewing of online theory programs can be combined with in-car driving to maximize your understanding and practice of driving a vehicle. You will still need to initially complete a portion of the theory program before starting the in-car lessons.

Refund policy: Once you’ve started a program, the payment is non-refundable. We can help you in any way we can, and we’ll try our best to address any issue case-by-case.

Course duration: Students have a total of 52 weeks to complete the entire 35+ hour driver’s ed program (the theory and the driving portions). If this course is not completed in the time allowed, the program access is blocked automatically, and it can be re-purchased again at a discounted rate. The course progress will be reset once the year is up.

It’s important to note that if you fail to complete the program in a timely manner that access to the driving lessons included within the program are also lost. The classroom and the driving portions work and support one another throughout this time, and are not considered separate entities within the program.

Driving Lessons only: In this case you’d like to switch the program to just driving lessons, you may do so by requesting this change by the 10th month of the course progress at the latest.

For the 6+ Hour Driver Improvement program, a 3 month time frame is permitted. If the program is not completed in this time, the student will need to repurchase the program at a discounted rate in order to complete the program. The course progress will be reset to ensure continuity of learning.

In-Class Sessions:

Online Tracking: All online lessons are tracked and must be completed in their entirety to count. The time that you enter the lesson, view the lesson and complete the lesson will be recorded and observed. In the case that a student may miss or skip a section, they will be asked to re-do that section. If there are multiple sections skipped or overlooked, the entire course will have to be re-done. The goal is to create continuity in your driver education, so the student will have a thorough understanding of the lectured concepts.

Technical Support: In case of any issues accessing the online program, the student is expected to contact our technical support team via our ticket centre. We will try to help you progress through the course as smoothly as possible. Unless engaged in other activities, we will ensure that you are assisted between the hours of 9 am – 7 pm, Monday to Friday, as may be needed.

Marking of assignments: In order for your submitted assignment, please provide ample time. A Brave driving instructor needs to be in the office to look over your responses, and to provide feedback. Class participants are expected to be free from cellphone use, and to keep from conversing while the program is in session. Furthermore, students are expected to ask questions in case a topic, question or section may be unclear. You may ask questions in the ticket centre under the specified category. The course text-book: You may request to purchase the online course textbook, and you will be provided one. 

In Car Sessions:

Prior to starting the in-car sessions, the students are required to complete the theory portion of the online program.

Having a road-test booked (even in advance) is not an excuse to get into the car prior to completing the required theory portion of the program.

Session length:

The in-car lessons are at most 2 hours in length, according to the present regulations. 2 hours is a suitable length of time before a novice driver may become fatigued, inattentive and prone to make unnecessary mistakes, and to become unproductive in their learnings; this length of time cannot be surpassed or increased for safety reasons. Some of the sessions may be 2 hours and some may be 1.5 hours.

Additional lessons:

In case of a request for additional lessons, they can be offered and they will be 1.5 hours in length.

Meeting location:

Instructors will make their best effort to meet students at home, work, etc. within the HRM territories. In the event that the students reside on the outskirts of the city or too far what would be considered reasonable, a pick up location will be assigned. In this event, the student will be required to arrange a ride to and back from the appropriate location.

Advance notice required for changes:

In car appointments are saved for the students who have booked them, and therefore it’s expected that the student will honor the appointment. In case of any changes, it’s expected that the student will cancel or reschedule the scheduled appointment with 48 hours time or more remaining, in order to assure that another student may have a chance to book the said appointment.

Late cancelations/reschedules:

In the event that a scheduled appointment is canceled “last minute” ( within a 24 hours time), without a dire or urgent reason, there will be a cancellation fee of 50$ charged to the student’s account balance. If the student is late to the in-car appointment, at the pre-designated location, for more than 15 minutes, the lesson will be considered null, and there will be a late cancel charge applied as per above.

Last minute road-test:

Due to the nature of how road-test appointments are booked, a student’s ordinary appointment may be rescheduled at the last minute to give way to the completion of another student’s road-test. An appointment for a road-test is occasionally booked at the last minute.

Frigid weather exception:

In the event of frigid weather, our instructors may cancel a session that you have booked with late notice (if called for), if the issue of safety is at risk. Examples of frigid weather are included, but are not limited to: extreme rain, snow on the roads, storm, news warnings, and more. The instructor assigned will use his experience and discretion to decide based on the situation and/or the individual student skills, whether he will be able to manage the present conditions or if it’s best to avoid the environment altogether. In this event, there would be no cancelation charges due to the student.

Substance use:

The usage of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited while operating a vehicle. If suspected of intoxication, the lesson will be stopped immediately at the expense of the student’s time, and the instructor will drop student off at the pickup location.

Student Conduct:

Student behavior:

The students are expected to be respectful, well mannered and at a disposition suitable to learning and receiving information and instruction. Under no circumstances, are the instructors to be insulted, abused, or unreasonably challenged. In this event, it is understood that the instructor has the authority to cancel the session, in which case he may be unable to drive the student back to the appointed location of the start.

Student hygiene and state:

Students are expected to be sober, clean and free of any fragrance that may affect the atmosphere of the car cabin. As the instructor will be sharing a confined space with the student, it is the responsibility of both the instructor and the student to respect that some could be more sensitive to either foul smells or the smell of cologne, fragrance, etc.

**The contents of the current terms and conditions may not be inclusive of every unforeseeable circumstance possible to occur. For this reason, the terms and conditions may be updated or otherwise changed in any way, at any time, without notice.**