The Best Halifax, Dartmouth or Lower Sackville Road Test Practice and Road Test Preparation On the Planet and a few of the surrounding planets!

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So, you’re ready to take your road-test somewhere in the HRM – that is great! Whether it’s the Halifax, Dartmouth or the Lower Sackville, we are here to help you with your road test success. Brave Driver School with nearly a decade of experience in the HRM, can quickly help you fine tune your driving skills and prepares you for the test. Did someone say “driving test instructor near me please!”? Amazing, yes – well we tried to hide, but you’ve found us!

The Process to pass your road test on your first try, looks a little like this:

  1. Register for the road test preparation program below, and make the payment.
  2. Get a road test receipt from Access NS, linked here and send us your details. We will help to book your road test at the earliest possible spot, factoring in your limitations and busy schedule. Then we set up your driving appointments one by one, according to the date your road test is booked for.
  3. You start with a one on one driving lesson with a professional driving trainer near you. Your driving skills will be thoroughly assessed and a detailed, practical feedback is provided on how to improve your driving skill and become test ready! Driving skills will come first!
  4. Let’s take a tour of the environment, where you’ll be taking the test. Your driving test instructor will inform you about all the areas where previous students have failed, and made errors. The road test demerit points system will be explained, and points will be assigned to your real time errors by your driving test instructor. Consider this step like a dress rehearsal for the actual test – road test preparation to the rescue! If you can pass the mock road test on your driving test practice, chances of passing the driving test the next day at Access NS becomes highly likely (at least based on our previous experience).
  5. We meet on the day of your road test at your home, and we take a drive to the driver’s test area, and we will go over your driving errors, and your road test instructor will help polish your confidence, as well as your skills, arming you with the BRAVE exclusive passing abilities powers in order to take on the world ( in other words, you driving away with your driver’s license in your hand).

What if I come from another country and need to pass the road test soon!

If you’re from another country, and you have driving experience, you will still need to do the road test at one the Access NS location, just like everybody else. In order to be ready for your test, and to pass the road exam on your first try, you will need an expert road test instructor. More on this in a moment…

Why do I need the road test preparation package If I’m already good

Your old driving habits, mis-learnings, or what is acceptable or common in another country’s driving world, may be considered critical and worthy of a ticket or a failed road test. This is why when you have a private driver’s license test, you will be needing road test practice, and a great, patient, friendly driving test instructor.

This is why the driving practice and road test preparation package is such a hit amongst our winner students. It’s one of our most popular program for a reason. How does it do that? it helps you improve your driving skills ( a life long safety and skill that helps your enjoyment of driving), and…it helps you with your road test preparation. We’ll basically give you the answer to the final exam, and all you have to do is learn it, drill it, get good at it, and start hitting the road driving independently again!

Will Access Nova Scotia provide me with a vehicle for the road test?

To take the road test, you will need to take a car with you. And what better car than one that has a dual brake installed in it, giving a feeling of safety and assurance to the driver’s test examiner. The car is also amply (and beautifully) decorated with the words ” driver training”, and this should help the other drivers around you to exercise more patience around you, giving more space, and not honking at you for a moment of driving delay.  In addition, our cars are protected by commercial insurance, and therefore in case of any event whatsoever, you are free from any responsibility.

So let us take care of assessing your driving needs, solidify your driving skills, prepare you for your driving exam and help you get empowered with a license to drive defensively and impress your friends and family.

The road test preparation package is too expensive, do you have something cheaper? I’m already a great driver!

There’s a saying: ” the one who cannot afford themselves the investment to grow, looks for cheap driving lessons.” ok, true, there’s no such saying, but it makes sense, right?! So let’s ask you this question instead, ” do you want cheap driving lessons, or do you want good, qualified expert driving lessons that work fast?”. The truth is that if the quality of the driving lessons are not properly compensated, quality starts to vain and attention/care to the client decreases. We want our test driving instructors sharp, in a good state, focused and helping you achieve your goals.

passing the roadtest in halifax, lower sackville or dartmouth with the road test preparation package.

Did you know that if you don’t train enough, and don’t success on the first try, you will have to wait 14 days to try again, in addition to the road test payment of 53? Not to mention the negative emotions of having failed, and sometimes the feeling that it’s impossible for you to be a good driver or to ever pass the road test. These are not the emotions you want to experience. You want to learn well, become excellent, do it in a short time and prove to everyone and most importantly yourself that it’s possible, and you’ve done it!

We always recommend to train harder, improve yourself, and don’t count on the hope of a good driving examiner be the reason you passed your road test.

Will this road test preparation program be enough for me?

Great question, and there’s no truthful way for us to answer this question, until we actually see and assess your driving. While we do offer a bigger road test preparation program, which might be a great fit for you, this road test package may just be enough.

You start here, and if you and your driving test instructor come to the conclusion that you need more driving lessons to be at your peak performance, you would add a few more, and we will offer you a cool discount too. So, more lessons before your road test preparation and road test sessions.

Your road test preparation and your road test session will be kept safe, and if need be, we’ll reschedule your road test for you to a time, where you’ll feel more confident and ready to take on your driving test.

Do I need to book my road test or will you do it?

Another great question, oh my god, you must be on a roll! This great, feature packed, road test practice package includes a complimentary booking from us. Let us take care of daily call, the hold time, the annoying elevator music and just come to you with a good news : ” We’ve got your road test booked at Halifax for 12 pm.” All you have to do, is to get road test receipt here, send it to us along with driver’s license and we’ll get it done in a very short time.


Why is the roadtest package necessary? and more info related to the driving exam!

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Even with years of experience driving in different environments, you may not be ready to take on the great task, which is the roadtest.

What’s tested on the driving examination

All aspects of driving including speed control, the proper use of  communications and your observations are tested and graded.

Where will the roadtest in Halifax be?

In addition, you will be asked to drive in various different driving environments, including: neighborhoods, school areas, secondary roads and highways. The roadtest itself starts and ends at Access NS in one of the many locations, such as Dartmouth, Lower Sackville, Truro, etc.

How long is the roadtest in Nova Scotia?

The entire roadtest from start, where the Access examiners will check the validity of your license and car documents, all the way to when you return to Access, will be 30 minutes. It doesn’t seem like a long time, however since your actions and behaviors are being closely watched, the heat can be on.

According to the official RMV, Access NS website:

“The examination will be conducted over a course of at least 3 kilometers and, where possible, in traffic. The exam will also test your ability to apply your knowledge of the rules of the road, to recognize road signs, and to react properly to actual driving conditions.”

What are the routes on the driver’s test in Halifax, Dartmouth or Sackville?

While there are some similarities, or commonalities amongst where students are asked to go, it’s important to not give much importance to that. Remember your skills are being tested on the test, and where you will be tested or on what street should not matter. Having said that, the roadtest preparation session, will permit students to experience doing the roadtest in what we call as “mock tests”, which go through some common road-test routes, where you are being tested.

How prepared should I expect to be for my driving exam?

We always make an attempt to prepare you so you’re performing at a 120% – because the unexpected is always possible. There may be a slow truck on the highway with its flashing lights on. Or you may encounter a car that honks at you, even when you’re doing all the right things. And each time you do the road-test, you may have a new examiner, a new route, and new errors that you might make, based on the circumstances present. In addition to everything mentioned here, your own emotions, stress or anxiety can play a huge role in how well you might perform, despite your current abilities.

What should I have with me when attending my driving exam in Halifax or Dartmouth?

Roadtest Vehicle

You will want to come to your road-test with a vehicle that passes all the safety checks, such as the tire treads, windshield health, and all the documents should be in order. This program permits you to take our vehicle to the road-test, and it’s already included in the package.

The benefits of using our vehicle for the road exam are plenty, and can increase your chance of success. Our vehicles come with a dual brake that can put the driving examiner at ease, knowing he can can stop that car at any time, if need be. Also our driving school cars are marked and the general public is aware that it may be driven for “driver training” purposes. This can relieve some of the impatience, such as the honking, tailgating and other aggressive type behavior. Finally, our vehicle is protected by commercial insurance so the liability is on us and you can feel rest assured that you’re protected.

Driver’s License

You want to make sure that you have your driver’s license with you. Also, please ensure that your driver’s license is valid and you’re aware of any restrictions on your driver’s license. For example, you will want to wear glasses or contact lenses, if that is what is required based on your class R or class 7 license.

Car Documents

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Valid Liability Insurance
  • Valid Inspection Sticker and Receipt

Roadtest Receipt

This is the piece of document that you would have purchased here to be able to book your roadtest in the first place. A record of this document needs to be accessible on the road-test, in the event that you’re asked. A digital copy of the roadtest receipt is sufficient.  If you haven’t booked your road-test yet, it’s easy, please visit our road-test booking resources page to help you book your roadtest.

Driving School Certificate

Take a look at your driver’s license “issue date”, if you have a class 7 driver’s license. You will only be allowed to be tested after 1 year, since you completed your knowledge test. If it’s only been somewhere between 9 months and 1 year, you will need to present a driving school certificate to the driving examiner. To learn more about how you can get a certificate, and do your roadtest in 9 months instead of 1 year, please visit the full 35 hour program page.

For more information, you can refer directly to the Access webpage on the necessary requirements.

If we missed any of your questions, consider giving us a call, send an email, or contact us in many ways available to reach us, and we’d be happy to connect!