35 Hour Drivers Ed and Roadtest

35 Hour Drivers Ed online and the roadtest in Halifax, Dartmouth or Sackville

Brave Driver Training’s 35 hour pro premium drivers ed program offers everything you will need to improve your understanding, driving skills and to pass the road-test. This program combines relative and practical knowledge based on the experience of teachers and drivers who live in Nova Scotia. This package includes the following benefits:

  • 25 hours in class (to be done online from home).
  • 10 hours (6 sessions) driving lessons  with a professional driving instructor.
  • 2 Hours Extra for Review of all skills, including a driver assessment/ feedback.
  • Allows you to do your roadtest in 9 months (instead of 1 year) in our vehicle or yours.
  • Driver Training Certificate will be issued for this program, upon completion.
  • This course removes the letter “N” off your license.
  • Lowers insurance rates by up to 300$/month.
  • For a more detailed look at our curriculumclick here

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Do you have to take drivers ed in Nova Scotia?

Student drivers ed training with driving instructor

While you may be able to pass the roadtest on your own, it’s strongly recommended to do a drivers ed program.

✅Amazing Driving Instructors

Our professional driving instructors are caring, patient and highly skilled. You will be learning driving from someone who has years observing, learning and improving students driving skills.

✅The Right Habits

You will want to develop your driving skills based on the correct and updated driving skills and habits. We all pick up bad habits after years of driving. Some of those habits are better off not being passed on to a new driver. Trust us with the task of developing the right driving foundation, so you have the peace of mind that your son or daughter won’t do something they’re not supposed to on the road.

✅Roadtest Success

Your chance of success on the roadtest at Access NS increases, as we know what to look for in your driving and how to improve your skills. Also, our vehicles are always ready for the roadtest, marked with “driver training”, a dual brake for the examiner safety and additional mirrors for awareness, when it comes to safe driving.

✅Suitable drivers ed vehicles

The vehicles we use are regularly maintained, and come with a dual brake.

In addition, our cars are commercially insured, so you don’t have to take the risk with your vehicle. Especially because there’s no way for you to control the vehicle, if your new driver son or daughter makes an error.

By taking drivers ed, you will pass on your stress of having to drive with a new driver and enjoy sitting with your son or daughter, once they already know how to drive.

How does the drivers ed online program work?

drivers ed program

This driver training course is approved in Nova Scotia and it is a certificated program. There are 25 hours of self paced videos, which you can watch from the comfort of your home. The control is in your hands – watch the videos when you have the time, during lunch, on your break, at the library or the coffee shop. Where there’s wifi, there’s a way to learn drivers ed!

🎞️The videos

You can pause the videos at anytime and resume them when you’re ready to continue. The videos are interactive, so you can’t just walk away, you have to actually listen and respond to the questions that pop up before you can proceed.


Each section has a timed quiz that you need to get at least 70 percent on before you are able to progress. You get 2 chances at each quiz, so make it count!


There are 7 assignments in this program, allowing students to delve deeper into the contents. you are provided with study material, which you study, answer the questions and submit your assignment. Real live instructors grade your assignment, and give you helpful feedback to course correct you in the best way possible.

🧑‍🏫Final Exam

There is a final exam that you will need to pass, which is based on the material from the entire program, so make sure to take notes throughout the program.

🧰Tech Support

In case you run into any issues, we’re here from 9 am- 7 pm. We can help you get unstuck, answer questions, grade your assignments and more.