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35 Hours Driver Education Course by Brave Driver Training

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Since 2017, Brave Driver Training has been providing Driver Education Training in Halifax, Dartmouth and all the surrounding HRM areas. The focus of our driving lessons are safe driving, enjoyable driving lessons, thorough drivers education and quality customer care. Check out the Brave Driving testimonials, to see why we are so highly valued in Halifax and Dartmouth.  Our most popular drivers ed courses are the 35 hour full driver education course, and certainly our private driving lessons.

Locations Brave Driver Training serves:

Our driving instructors will have to get from one driving student to the next in a timely manner. For this reason, there are certain areas that may be out of our reach, same as any driving school. Having said that, we cater our driving lessons to much of the HRM. Our driving perimeters include Halifax, Spryfield, Dartmouth, Prospect, Larry Utek, Bedford, Lower Sackville and Timberlea. If your location is out of reach, we are good at finding a convenient meeting location to meet you at. If you have any questions related to your location proximity, please feel free to reach out.

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A little more about the Full 35 Hour Driver Education training

Brave Driver Training is providing Access Nova Scotia approved, 35 hour Defensive Driving programs. Our Brave Driving full 35 hour driver education training is done completely online, and self paced in an LMS format. This complete drivers ed program includes 25+ hours of in-class driving classes and 10 hours of driving lessons. The in-car private lessons are conducted by our Brave Driver Training, Nova Scotia certified, professional driving instructor.

  • Why choose Brave Driver Training for you or your loved one’s Driver’s Education?  You can learn more about what makes our driving school and driver training so unique, and the benefits we offer here.
  • Your Driver education course payment options:  We accept cash, etransfer or credit cards for our driving lessons or our drivers ed programs.

Brave Driving’s 35 hour Driver Education Training includes 25 hours in classroom time

In order to complete our driver training course online, all you will need is access to internet. Our 25 hours driver training program is completely self paced, online and can be done from home, work or anywhere. Also, our servers are working hard so you can learn drivers ed from anywhere in Nova Scotia, at anytime, 24/7.

Online Driver’s ed course requirements and course materials:

It’s recommended in order to maximize your learning of our driving course, that you use a laptop or computer. The drivers ed online classes include lecture videos, interactive quizzes and assignments, related to all driving situations and environments. Our professional driving instructor, James, will provide you with the most up to date, practical driving classes. we have also included the Nova Scotia approved 6 hour defensive driving course into the 35 hour driver training course. Our driver’s ed programs offer technical support for any lesson issues you may right into. We are ready to help between 9-5 pm on Monday to Friday. We can be reached at our email: [email protected]. You may also call or text us at 902.412.1842. In order to review our Brave driver training’s education course curriculum, please click on this link to learn more. 

Instant access to your Driver Education online

By signing up for the full driver ed online program, you can have access to your driver training course immediately. keep in mind, we have provided 52 weeks (a year) for you to complete your online driving course. In addition, you can continue to take driving lessons with a driving instructor while you do the online driving classes. This is actually one of the things that makes the brave driver training program so unique, combining theory and practice.

High school students:

Do you have a young son or daughter who needs their license more badly than you’re ready to hear about? It’s time to send them to a driving school that can help them learn to drive while having fun. Driving lessons are supposed to be fun, and light and easy – it’s not physics for crying outloud. Admittedly, there’ll be some physics involved with driving a vehicle though. We specialize working with young drivers who want to learn to drive, but don’t really want someone to yell at them the whole time, after they’ve had a full day of school already. We also like to keep in touch with our students’ parents, and keep them in the loop. If you have any questions, or you’re browsing driving schools, give us a call and ask your questions. 

You must be from Halifax, Dartmouth or in the surrounding areas ( can you meet us somewhere?)

Students attending Brave Driver Training programs must be from Nova Scotia, including Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and all of HRM. You can continue your online driver training course portion while you’re away in another province or country, at anytime. However, your in-car driving lessons with a professional instructor, will of course be on hold, until you are back in Halifax. If you are from Nova Scotia, but not from the HRM, you may still complete our defensive driving course.

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Jump right into the 35 hour defensive driver training??

In-vehicle private lessons portion of the driving course include:

  • One on one defensive driving lessons with an experienced and professional driving instructor.
  • Brave Driving instructors are professional, punctual and always respectful.

Scheduling and time lines for your driving lessons

  • Our in-car driving lessons fit the schedule of your busy life, school or work.
  • We offer driving classes weekdays and on the weekends to make sure you don’t miss work.
  • Once you join Brave Driver Training, you can access your driver’s ed portal for booking driving lessons. You can also book lessons via phone or text.
  • You are able to book, reschedule and change your appointments online from your laptop or mobile, so no need to call!

Driving lessons take place in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford or other HRM areas:

You can start and end your driving lesson at any location, as long as we are within Halifax, Dartmouth or nearby, with advanced notice. If you happen to live outside of the main Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, HRM areas, your driving instructor will set a meeting location with you. Our driving instructors will need to be able to get to the other drivers ed students in a timely manner.

Brave Driver Training exclusive driving instructor dedication

  • Brave Driving offers you a dedicated driving instructor who works with you from the start of your drivers education until you pass the road test.
  • Having the same driving instructor throughout, allows our students to have access to the most, relevant, accurate and gradual feedback possible.

Brave driving’s 35 hour driver education program has its special perks! (road test routes)

As a part of the 35 hour driver education program, you will have access to the road test driving routes. Knowing where you will be taken on your road test in Halifax, Sackville or Dartmouth, can be very beneficial. Having this knowledge thus, you can further prepare for the road test by going through them on your own. For what is covered in our private driving lessons, please refer to the Brave Driver Training driver’s education curriculum page

Use our vehicle for the road-test:

If it’s already been a year since you completed you’ve received your learner’s license, you may use your hours to do the road-test in our vehicle. There won’t be any additional cost, you will have a free pickup and a review of the test routes which you’ll be taking on the day!

If it’s been less than a year, then you will need to complete the hours to receive your full program completion certificate. For this reason, you won’t be able to present this document on the day of your road-test, unless you’ve already completed 10 hours of driving in-car with us. For more info, please read the section on the Brave Driver Training Certificate below.

Conversely, you’ll be able to take your own vehicle for the road-test, regardless of the program you’ve purchased. In this case, we’ll be preparing you for the road-test in advance, and just prior to the road-test examination date, so you’ll be well prepared.

Brave Driving School vehicles:

  • For the in-car lessons, the vehicle is regularly maintained, safetied, clean and reliable, so you can focus on learning to drive.
  • Our driving instructor vehicles are clearly marked as “Driver Training” in reflectorized letters for better visibility at day or night. Drivers on the road have a tendency to show more care and patience in case of your student driver errors.
  • All our vehicles come equipped with dual braking system, allowing our driving instructors to keep you safe always.
  • Our driving instructors have an additional mirror to see behind, as the driver would see it.
  • In addition, the driving instructor car is commercially insured, so rest assured you will not be liable for any damages.
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Driver training certificate/ Driving school certificate:

Since our 35 hour driver education is Access Nova Scotia approved, you will receive a beautiful driving school certificate upon completion. Our driving school certificate shows that you have completed 25 hours in vehicle driving, and 10 hours of classroom time. Also, your Brave driver training certificate helps reduce your insurance premium by up to 300$/month for 3 driving years. In addition, you’ll be able to get rid of the letter L, N or R in no time, and become a fully licensed driver. You know what that means? you can drive at night if necessary, give your friends a ride or even help someone new learn to drive as well.

If you’re wondering, is investing in the full 35 hour drivers education course worth it, you should have no doubt at this time. Please follow the link here to join and start learning to drive defensively now!

Brave Driving School offers training for the road-test or driving exam in halifax, dartmouth or lower sackville

Alright, I'm convinced. How do I sign up?

At Brave Driver Training school, our drivers education helps you with the following:

  • Become fully familiarized with road signs, and what message they hold for drivers in all driving circumstances.
  • Concretely learn the right of way rules in all driving situations in Nova Scotia and beyond.
  • You will learn to manage driving and dealing safely with any type of intersection in Halifax, Dartmouth and more.
  • Discover how to navigate driving in rural, urban, city, highway environments in real-time.
  • We will teach you how to park your vehicle curb side, reverse park, angle park or parallel park as necessary.
  • You will learn how to divide and manage complicated driving situations, making the unsafe, safe again.
  • Our driver training course will make you brave, aware and effective as a defensive driver. In addition, the knowledge in our full driver ed course equips you instantly with peace and safety when you’re driving
  • Practice off-road driving recovery, dealing with unpredictable situations and the execution of emergency maneuvers.
  • For the full listing of what is covered, please refer to the Brave Driver Training in-car private lessons curriculum here.

Brave Driver Training culture and care

Most importantly, once you join our driving school, you become a part of our driving school family. We aim to continuously educate you by providing driving content, videos, drivers ed materials that might be of interest to you. As our driving school expands its driver education, we will recruit professionals to provide further driver education to our members. In case of any driving-related questions, you can always reach out and ask for our help. If there is a way that we can provide assistance, we want you to know that we are there in your corner!

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