Brave Driver Training 35 Hour Driver's Program

Brave Driving's essential driving program for driving practice and theory

Brave Driver Training’s 35 hour driver education program combines the online driver education course, together with in-car driving classes with a professional driving instructor. The 25 hour theory driver education course is completely online based, so you can complete it in your convenience. The driving classes include pre-recorded lectures on driving rules, techniques to be a defensive driver and an individual section on passing the Nova Scotia road test in Halifax, Dartmouth or Lower Sackville.line Driver Training

The online driver education course includes the 6 hour defensive driving course, and so much more. In this driver training course, you will find lectures by a professional driving instructor from Halifax, quizzes, assignments and so much more. You can complete the online driving classes together with your in-car driving lessons, so you can learn theory and practice of defensive driving simultaneously.

Our 35 hour driver education program also includes 10 hours of private driving lessons with one of our expert instructors in Halifax. We will demonstrate the driving skills you will learn about in the driving classes, and replicate them in our driving education vehicle, hands-on. Your driving instructor will then give you feedback on how to improve your driving skills, so you can become a defensive driver and pass your Nova Scotia drivers test. If you have any other questions, you can always contact us by either phone (call or txt), or email us [email protected]rtificate

In order to receive an accredited, province approved driver’s education certificate, you must complete 25 hours of driving classes, and 10 hours of driving lessons in-car with our driving instructors. Having a Brave Driver Training certificate allows you to do your Nova Scotia road test in 9 months instead of a year. In addition, you will be able to remove the limitations of your 5N or 5R Nova Scotia driver’s license, and save thousands of dollars in auto insurance.g Lessons

We may not be able to serve your current location, despite it being in the HRM. The reason is that in any given day, we may have students in a variety of different locations that may be too far from one another. Before signing up, please check to see if we serve your area for the practical driving lessons. As a general rule of thumb, we do serve Halifax, Northend, Spryfield, parts of Herring Cove, Bedford (Sackville may be too far depending on your location), Larry Utek, Clayton Park and more.