My Story

My personal story is a lot similar to many of my students. I started driving, not having the natural knack for driving and finding the whole thing quite scary. I couldn't imagine ever being alone in the car by myself, being in traffic, being on the highway, being anything in a car by myself. How do people do that? I often asked myself. To make matters worse, I had a few driving instructors who seemed to know how to make me feel bad for my mistakes, so I was afraid to make mistakes even though I was just starting to learn. Unfortunately none of my instructors were able to really guide me in the right direction, either that or I just had difficulty with learning. These guys were too occupied with being an instructor, and not so much with instructing ME, making me feel comfortable or helping me become more confident as a driver...

...Fortunately for me, and for everyone I would go on to help from then on, I was the determined personality. I had gotten good at other things before, I'd succeeded in other areas in my life, so what was the special secret to driving??

Long story short, I persisted in improving my driving, improved through education and by observing what good drivers did consistently. After some time, I actually became a good driver and I felt proud to drive so well. How would I teach someone new to drive like this? I would think to myself. So, I backwards studied what I did, why I did it and the more I taught driving, and the more students I helped be good drivers, the better I understood the mistakes everyone seemed to make over and over again.

Good news is, I was able to formulate a way to communicate this very system in a very simple way, so that even the hardest of learners, in my experience so far, could simply understand my layman language, replicate the steps I provided, and they were able to achieve outstanding results in a fraction of the time it took me to become a driver - - - a really good driver at that! I was blown away at the simplicity and why I didn't get it sooner myself. Life is a journey and so this was mine and I've come to embrace it. I just want to be able to make someone else's journey easier and more fun, so they can become effective.

As you might have guessed it already, It is now my passion to teach and specifically, to teach driving. It would be my honor to have the opportunity to help as many students learn what true driving is all about, feel confident, behave safely on the road as a driver, so you can enjoy every second of your driving career for the rest of their lives. This is my promise to you!